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Cheap Tyres from Performance Tyre and Auto Care

We offer a wide range of Tyres from leading Manufacturers

Performance Tyre & Auto Care is a family run business providing quality tyres at the most competitive prices and service.

After 35 years of experience we know the industry inside out so you are safe in the knowledge that you will be given the best professional trustworthy advice available.

Our premises stock a vast range of tyres from premium, mid-range and budget brands for many types of vehicles including:

  • Car
  • Van
  • Truck
  • 4x4
  • Motorbike
  • Small Tyres

Remember your tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, it’s your only contact with the road!

Cheap Tyres from Performance Tyre and Auto Care

Choosing Your Tyres

All Major brands stocked including Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, continental, Dunlop and Avon to name a few.

But how do you know what tyres are most suitable for your driving needs when there are so many different tyres on the market?

Generally tyre patterns can be differentiated into 4 categories:


These are consistent across the tyre’s face (both halves of tread face are the same) and are the ‘all rounder’ tread pattern. They are generally the quietest and most comfortable but not the most performance orientated.


The tread patterns differs on the inner side to the outer. Larger tread blocks on the outer portion offer handling and cornering advantages - especially on dry roads. The smaller inner blocks cope well with wet conditions by dispersing water.


These provide enhanced performance such as wet grip, directional stability, straight line acceleration and shorter stopping distance. They must be dedicated to a specific side of the vehicle with the direction of rotation clearly marked on the sidewall - this direction must be strictly observed.

Cold Weather:

Designed to give superior grip and control in wet and dry conditions once the temperature drops below 7∞C.  Could be any tread pattern design but the tread blocks contain many small grooves called sipes, which help disperse water and provide additional grip on snow and ice. A different rubber compound is also used allowing the tyre to remain flexible at low temperatures.  Cold weather tyres provide significantly shorter stopping distances and a safer drive.

Call us now if you would like to discuss which tyres will best suit you!




Cheap Tyres from Performance Tyre and Auto Care

Maintaining Your Tyres

When we fit your tyres, they will be inflated to the correct tyre pressure.

Maintaining this tyre pressure will help prolong the life of your tyres, maximise fuel consumption and improve the handling and safety of your vehicle.

The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle will be listed in the manufacturers handbook but if this is not to hand feel free to ask us.



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